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About It

This project is long in the making.

Stuart Bush ( has been thinking and occasionally even getting around to working on this project for many years. Now finally it is here.

Having spent many years operating various types of remote head, he knew that no one company had nailed it.

Either they were too flimsy, noisy, slow, or just plain not suited to the task at hand.

What you need in a Jib/Boom/Crane, call it what you will, is flexibility of build and rigidity of arm.

What you need
from a Remote Head
  • Ease of assembly
  • Smoothness of operation
  • Light enough to not exceed your Jibs payload
  • Strong enough to carry the biggest cameras
  • The ability to adapt to any situation

Whereas many firms can tick a couple of the boxes, we can tick them all and then add a few more of our own.
This has resulted in a head that is truly flexible and more than up to the task in hand.

  • You can change its width or length, add a second side, specify a different gear ratio, or even add a Dutch movement. In all modes the camera will be able to be placed nodally to the pan + tilt movement.

  • You want to mount a full size broadcast camera, with the ability to look straight down, no problem.

  • You want to change to a smaller block style camera, or put your larger camera in a tight space and would like to have a narrower, shorter head, no problem.

  • Carrying a heavier load, perhaps an Alexa with a large prime lens or a 3D rig, what you need is a second side to spread the load, again no problem.

  • Looking at changing Jib suppliers, or just not decided on which one to choose, we will supply a mount to fit any Jib you can supply us details of, no problem.

Because we do everything in house, we are quick to respond to our customers needs. If you feel that any one area can be improved on, consider it your duty to tell us.

The brains of the system
is the pan + tilt controller.

As well as having dedicated function buttons, it also has a menu driven side, allowing you to change every aspect of the operation and response of the head.
There are also 4 unassigned buttons that can be used as short cuts to menu functions.

With its encoded motors and positive feedback, you will always have a positive and smooth control over the head.

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What is sent to the head is data and 24v power, all neatly contained in a 4-way cable. At the head end this cable daisy chains through the motors ending up at the lens.

Data control is via RS485 from the controller up to the head. The single 4 core cable carries both power and data and all the attached modules (gearboxes, focus servos etc) are simply cascaded onto the same cable with the XLR plugs and sockets provided. This makes rigging just about as easy as it can possibly get.

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Use your own lens.

With the lens, if you have internal servos why not use them, just plug straight in. If you have an internal zoom servo but no focus, get our external servo kit.

They attach onto any 15mm support bar either already on the camera or fitted to the head. The really neat thing about the Focus Servo is that it also has a zoom output to control the zoom servo on a broadcast lens. Using the Versatile Zoom / Focus Demand Unit enables single handed control of both Zoom and Focus.

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Its all in hand.


Running as a PSC unit and need control over the iris, you can have that as well.
The focus wheel under the zoom control is a precision optical encoder and as well as its usual focus duties, can be switched between iris and dutch head control.

One thing we can guarantee is, definitely no zoom creep.

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With your new head the world is at your feet
so why not branch out into other avenues of remote head operation.

Weighing in at around 8kgs-18lbs, you can hang it, or stand it almost anywhere.
If you are about 35m-115ft away from the head, you can power directly from your hand controls. Any further and you can run the data down a standard 3-pin audio cable for anything up to 1000m-3280ft and power the head locally. All you need is a 12-24v dc supply of at least 6 amps.

If you want a larger desk top style controller, that is also available. With this you have the ability to control up to eight heads, including other heads in the Bradley range.

Want to have film type wheels control your head, we've got that covered too.
Our promise to you is that, as the system evolves, as it certainly will, you will never feel left out.

You will always be able to retro fit any improvement we make to your original purchase.

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