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A Great Design Made Better

This is a back to basics, re-engineering of what at first glance looks like a triangular sectioned arm but at closer inspection, this is all new. The hexagon profile improves stiffness and has enabled a higher than usual nose loading capacity of 30kg (66lbs).

All design work, modifications and safety testing have been carried out in the UK. Ensuring that you, the end user get a product fit for purpose. There are the usual assortment of arm reaches ranging from 1.8m (6ft) to a quite frankly monstrous 14m (46ft).

What you need
from a Jib Arm
  • Ease of assembly
  • Smoothness of operation
  • Reliability
  • Strong enough to carry the biggest cameras
  • Full factory support

Whereas many firms can tick a couple of the boxes, we can tick them all and then add a few more of our own.

  • Stainless steel axles, eliminating unnecessary wear and damaged bearings.

  • Strong Hexagonal section allowing for higher head loads.

  • The standard analogue head also comes with revised bearing technology.

  • It can run on direct mains power or camera battery. Choice of either V-lock or Anton Bauer

  • Two HDSDI video cables through the wiring loom.

Because we do everything in house, we are quick to respond to our customers needs. If you feel that any one area can be improved on, consider it your duty to tell us.

Choose your Jib
or extension kit

All our jib arms come cased and ready to go.

Included is a four way leveller, tripod and wheeled base.

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Dolly Bases

We have a standard 3 wheeled version, which will soon have the addition of outriggers for added stability. A 4 wheeled base that vastly improves stability and is a must for the longer arms. Finally we have a 4 wheeled pneumatic wheeled version, that combines stability with ease of travelling over uneven surfaces, with ability to roll on and off track with ease.

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Analogue Head

The ergonomic handsets give you precise control over all functions, with iris control now to be found on the focus/zoom handset.

The control box can be powered with mains fed directly to it, or via the supplied battery plate, either V-lock or Anton Bauer mount.

The head and control package is interchangeable with the Stanton Jimmy Jib.

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and spares


We have designed and sourced many parts to upgrade existing jibs, along with must have items to make your filming days easier.

From trim weights to bar clamps, cases to grease.

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