6' to 46' which one would you like?

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An early Jib adopter, Stuart Bush now trading as Remote-Solutions.Tv, has owned and operated Jibs for over 20 years and was a BBC cameraman for many years before that, so should know what he is talking about.

Well there comes a point in anyone’s life when you decided that “enough is enough” and it is time to do the thing properly.

Along with designing a digital remote head usable on jibs and able to mount pretty much anywhere you want. It was decided to also sell jib arms to go with the new head. The Versatile Jib Company, is here to do just that. All areas where other Jib arms have proved lacking, the Versatile Jib has been re-engineered, improved, strengthened.

This website will be your one stop shop for all things Jib, parts and complete systems.

Sold from the UK, no import duty, no waiting, it's all here.


The Versatile Jib Company is part of Remote Solutions TV group